Uganda Be Kidding Me - The one with the puns

 Hello Everyone, We got back from Safari last night and got to serve at Christian Revival Center and host a Soccer tournament at YFC today. Safari was spectacular ( not even lion about it ). We were able to see lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, and much more. We also had a great boat cruise on the Nile River and saw a ton of crocs and hippos. We would in denial if we said we didn't enjoy our time on the Nile.  At Christian Revival Center (a local church in the area) we helped install windows in their building. It was a fairly pane-less project. We will be attending church at CRC tomorrow and Chris will be preaching. I bet he would appreciate your prayers.  The soccer (or football as the locals call it) tournament was an outreach to the different teams in the area. We kicked off the tournament with devo and later competed in the tournament itself. Our YFC/CCPC team fought valiantly, but ultimately lost in penalty kicks. We had a ball . We know we Afri-CAN have a great end to t

Headed to Safari

 Hello All, We finished our last school visits and service projects for the week. Everything went really well. Students have done an amazing job bring energy to everything they’ve done. We’ll have more info on it all soon! We leave for safari early tomorrow morning. Please pray that this time is emotionally restorative, that we have fun, grow in appreciation of God as we see his creation, and that we can re-engage well when we return to serve Friday night. Thanks for your prayer and support!

Monday Update

 Hello Friends and Family! I'm Mea and I'll be updating y'all on what our team did over the weekend.  The past few days have been full of new experiences, painting, and soccer. Between school visits on Thursday and Friday, some members of our team had the opportunity to visit the Mirembe and Suubi houses.  Youth For Christ's Mirembe house is a home for pregnant teen girls who either were kicked out by their parents or couldn't afford to have a child otherwise. There are currently five girls living there and receiving counseling, discipleship, and prenatal care. While we visited them, we got to hear some of the girls' stories. One thing that struck me was that in each story, the word peace was mentioned. Many of them spoke of feeling anger or hatred towards their circumstances, but how that changed after they were taken under the care of Sylvia and Miriam. Now they feel peace and God's hand in their lives as they transition into motherhood. At the Suubi house

Sunday Update

 Hello All! We had great day attending Watoto Church in Kampala today. While it is Ugandan through and through, the church had a western feel to it. The team did well engaging with the service and processing it at our debrief tonight. After church we had a tasty lunch at a place called Java’s Cafe (it’s kind of like a Ugandan Cheesecake Factory). After lunch we took a bus tour of Kampala. It was full day and a good day of connecting with each other and the YFC team. Tomorrow we’ll finishing painting at YFC.  Thanks for your prayers! Marc

The #Blog

 Hello! I am Mae, I am just going to write about our time in Uganda over the past couple of days and what we have done.            We have been in Uganda for 5 or 6 days (if you count the airport) but I think it has felt like a lot longer. And even though I think most of the team is very sick of rice and goat 3 times a day, we will never be sick of seeing Uganda and meeting the children here.       In Uganda there are Primary schools (Elementary) and Secondary schools. (High school) Each of the 4 primary schools we have visited so far have the same energy. I am sort of in awe as much as the kids are when they see our bus. I have never seen people react to really anything the way they react to a bus full of Muzungu's  (The L'gandan word for 'white people') pull into their school. The Ugandan culture is just more physical and touchy in interacting and so these kids all mob around us and hold our hands and hug us and pull out Josiah's leg hair and take out Emily's
 Hello Families and Friends! We've had a busy last few days. In the last 2 days we've done programs at 7 schools and had part of our team visit with the girls at the Mirembe House and Subi Home. The team has done an amazing job at connecting with the Ugandan team and serving in skits, sharing testimonies, and loving people well. We'll have longer post (from one our students!) coming tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy a few pictures of our school visits today.

Hello From Uganda!

Hello Family and Friends! We arrived in Uganda on Monday around 10:45 local time and our travel finally ended as we arrived at our guest house at 2 am. When it was all said and done, we had travelled for 35 hours. We're grateful that all our travel went smoothly. No lost bags, delayed flights, crazy runs through airports, or turbulent flights. The Lord was really good to us! We spent our first day in country training with the YFC Uganda team at their facility here in Matuga. We connected with team well, learned some sweet dance moves, practiced skits for our school visits, and toured their facility. It was amazing to see all the progress that they have made in building their facilities. On Wednesday, we had our first school visits. We visited three schools. Two of them were primary (elementary) schools and the other was a secondary school. Our teams shared the gospel via skits and testimonies while also entertaining students with their amazing dance skills. It was a good day! We